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Fitness Passport: From 'gut feel' to data-led hiring strategy

Fitness Passport:  From 'gut feel' to data-led hiring strategy
• $75,000 saved in unnecessary employee overhead costs
• $175,000 budget for new hires approved


  • $75,000 saved in unnecessary employee overhead costs
  • $175,000 budget for new hires approved


Fiona Rose, CEO of high growth wellness company Fitness Passport, kept hearing from her GMs that they needed more resources - they were at capacity and needed more people. But being a PE owned organisation, it was hard to assess the case for more resources: what would be the ROI on each new hire?

This challenge brought another problem to light: a lack of visibility into her team’s workload, contributions and priorities after moving to a new hybrid work model. Her team spends 50% of their time in-office and the other 50% of their time remotely, complicating her ability to pinpoint exactly where the business needed to ramp up.

Fiona needed to find a way to:

  • Assess whether they really needed new hires or if she could simply reprioritise the tasks of current employees
  • identify gaps in the current workforce to shape new roles
  • support these insights with data to present to her board for approval


Within a month of introducing Beamible, Fitness Passport were able to make decisions based on new data which revealed:

  • Top-performing relationship managers were spending 55-60% of their time on creating collateral - work that could be reassigned to a more junior role, allowing RMs to focus on relationship building and generating additional revenue for the business.
  • The experience level of the new hire planned could be reduced from senior to junior as the nature of the work was less complex than originally anticipated.
  • Opportunities to optimise people’s time to focus on the most important revenue generating work could be clearly identified since the data was being fed directly from the people doing the roles themselves.
  • A case for ROI on new hires could be quickly and easily presented by showing data behind scenarios with and without the new hires, cementing a board approval.
  • Meeting time could be reduced while increasing effectiveness by providing teams with more day-to-day visibility into work across their own teams and the wider organisation.

Key outcomes

Fiona has described her experience with Beamible as a series of ‘aha! moments’ where she’s been forced to look at her approach to hiring and people management in a completely new way. She’s able to think about how to create new roles and get a clear picture of what they really need, then easily share them with her board.

The sales team is able to focus on revenue generating work, the GMs are well resourced to hit their OKRs and the CEO and Board are confident money is being spent against the right priorities to scale the business. Fiona looks forward to measuring the ROI in revenue growth, over the coming year.

“The team are using Beamible and it is helping us manage and reallocate work, improve visibility on work and how it is prioritised by a remote workforce, and justifying additional headcount.

As long as we have a partially remote workforce, which we always will, we will need Beamible”

- Fiona Rose, CEO Fitness Passport

About Beamible

Beamible is a cloud-based platform that integrates the most critical flexible work design methodologies, tools and processes in a simple user interface.

It helps organisations uncover workforce insights that help improve hybrid and flexible work design, recognise new risks in a hybrid workplace, create a more inclusive workforce and tackle fast-accelerating issues such as employee burnout.

Designed and engineered in Australia, it takes a world-first ‘bottom-up, people-led’ approach to people analytics, and includes a simple user interface to enable all staff, HR leaders and CEOs to use it.

The platform has been successfully piloted with companies including NRMA, Metcash, General Mills, The TOM Co, and not-for-profit B Lab and is now available world-wide to SMEs and Enterprise businesses alike.

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