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Why Beamible

The most common ways to use Beamible

Work & team design

Role design

View workload capacity, skills, and task preferences on an individual and team basis.
Why it matters:
  • Find opportunities to assign work to team members who find it energising and enjoyable
  • Flag long work hours and redistribute to team members with capacity
  • Create a compelling business case for new hires when your team reaches capacity
  • Open the door to effective job-share and remote working opportunities
The best internal candidate for a senior job opening at a local small business is a female who works four days per week. In order to apply for the role and be successful in it, the role needs to be redesigned. If not, the candidate will either not be able to apply, or she’ll be set up for failure - attempting to compress a full-time workload into 80% of the time. Beamible allows for the appropriate role scoping and re-allocation of activities to make this a success.

Hybrid work modelling

A means to make methodical and pragmatic hybrid working decisions.
Why it matters:
  • Filter tasks by in-office or remote tags to determine the home vs. office requirements by team
  • Organisational-level remote working data informs real-estate requirements like sizing and fit-out
  • Get an employee-led viewpoint on scenarios that will impact them
  • Analyse potential scenarios and analyse the impact before implementation
A large enterprise organisation is preparing to ‘return to the office’ after COVID-19 but wants to avoid a controlling top-down directive instructing teams on where they need to work. They hope to empower individual team members by asking them to nominate what types of their work they see as collaborative vs. individual so that their managers can determine how much time their teams need to spend in the office. Beamible would help this organisation tag these tasks on an individual level, then present an aggregate view to help executives plan office capacity.

Project team creation

Use the visibility across your workforce’s skills and capabilities to build better teams, faster.
Why it matters:
  • Productivity depends on optimal work allocation
  • Save time in mobilising teams for agile, project-based, and government work environments
  • Save money by utilising the people you have before outsourcing work to contractors
  • Teams are fluid and responsibilities change constantly
A government organisation needs to mobilise a large project team quickly to address an urgent pandemic-related initiative. The team needs to be organised, medically educated, and discreet. Beamible would immediately show capable project team candidates with capacity.

Management tools

Manager capability uplift in managing remote/hybrid teams

Effectively manage your teams, even if they’re not physically near you.
Why it matters:
  • Get a clear picture of how your team is prioritising important tasks relative to unimportant tasks
  • Leverage data to keep performance discussions objective
  • Keep your team aligned to overall business goals
  • Encourage accountability across your team with shared views
Picture this:
A large business is seeing increased workload for their teams, and with people working remotely, it is difficult to ‘see’ what work is being done, as well as what work could be stopped or postponed. Beamible is able to equip management with the tools to have powerful, consistent coaching conversations about work prioritisation with their teams. It also gives managers visibility into what work is being done so they can manage their team to outcomes.

Organisational tools

Workforce planning

Adding efficiencies to every step of your workforce planning process.
Why it matters:
  • More effectively analyse and forecast workforce supply & demand with capacity data
  • Use both team and organisational level skill insights for restructuring
  • Create a holistic view of your organisation for M&A due diligence
  • Visualise potential organisational scenarios before implementation to save time and money
A medium-sized business has been tapped on the shoulder for a potential lucrative acquisition but is struggling to provide their workforce information to the potential buyer for due diligence. Beamible would allow this company to successfully show their organisational structure, complete with skill and salary data, within seconds.
let's be crystal clear

What we’re not

The world of platforms and software is jam packed. We’re not trying to replace what you have - we’re just here to make it better.

Not a time management tool

And it shouldn’t be an administrative burden or a means of micro-management. It’s a way for teams and team members to demonstrate their workloads, priorities and preferences on a higher level to enable conversations that lead to positive change, innovation and a happier work environment.

Not a project management platform

There are enough of these on the market already and they do a pretty good job! Beamible encapsulates work from a role level rather than microtasks so that you can look at the bigger picture.

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