Unlock Efficiency and Reduce Workloads

In 15 minutes, capture what your workforce is really doing. Then let AI suggest ways to increase efficiencies and reduce workloads so you can join the other companies benefitting from a 21%+ more productive and 15%+ more energised workforce.

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Beamible is helping HR Leaders find the answers to complex challenges

How can I make my workforce more efficient?
What's driving burnout?
What are my people actually working on?
How do I balance experience with productivity?

Find and eliminate the staggering 43% of work that isn't aligned to team or organisational goals.

And identify the work that energises your people while you're at it.

Get visibility into what people are doing

With a quick bottom-up survey, see the reality of how people are spending their time so you can close the gap between leadership priorities and what people really do.

  • Accessible, digitised and cost-effective alternative to a time and motion study
  • Job activity analysis
  • Dynamic position descriptions

Analyse and discover optimisation opportunities

Analyse roles, teams and organisations to shine a light on risks and opportunities.

  • Prioritise important work, then stop, reallocate or automate the rest
  • Use heat-map lenses to spot obvious areas that need attention
  • Take the guesswork out of actions by using AI-powered optimisation suggestions

Action to improve, measure & repeat

Apply learnings and suggestions to different scenarios so you can make informed decisions about resourcing and organisational design initiatives into the future.

  • Assess the ROI in different scenarios
  • Measure and report on the impact of change over time
  • Repeat for continuous improvement and to adapt to changes

What's the cost of wasted effort to your business?

What's the cost of wasted effort to your business?

Use our calculator to find out

Find out now
A unique, human-centred methodology

Small effort, big impact

Get new visibility
Capture what your people are really spending time on
Analyse & diagnose
Identify inefficiencies, risks and missed opportunities
Rebuild it better
Scenario plan, implement changes and repeat

Guides & playbooks to elevate your workforce

Guide to Successful Workforce Transformation

Guide to Successful Workforce Transformation

Org design tactic from expert, Robyn Clark, plus key success factors to join the 30% of organisations succeeding with workforce transformation.

Actioning Heavy Workloads Playbook

Actioning Heavy Workloads Playbook

Understanding the driving factors of workloads within your organisation & putting actions in place to address them - at scale.

Adopting Good Work Design Playbook

Adopting Good Work Design Playbook

Understand and implement good work design practices for a modern approach to increasing employee engagement, productivity and wellbeing.

"By treating work as a portfolio of tasks, Beamible changes the game on how companies have visibility into work and how it is designed to the benefit of the company and employees."

- Chris Harvey, UKG

Start eliminating wasted effort today

Start eliminating wasted effort today

Full service programs

Doing work to do work is exactly what we aim to avoid. Beamible programs leverage the expertise of our team and consulting partners so you get the most out of Beamible - with minimal effort.

Seamless integrations

Connect your HRIS and WorkTech stack to onboard teams faster and easier, and keep people up to date.

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The secret sauce

Why Beamible? What sets us apart is our tried and tested work design methodology. By treating work as a portfolio of activities, you get:

  • Visibility into work alignment with business goals
  • Data and insights on productivity, energising work, costs and more
  • The ability to be agile, dynamic and react quickly to organisational changes

Who's using Beamible?

Adopted by leaders, used by everyone

Designing work at every level to get the most for and from your people.

Individuals and teams

Individuals and teams

  • Make workloads sustainable
  • Get role clarity
  • Maximise energising work
  • Eliminate unimportant work
  • Have more meaningful 1-1 meetings
  • Adjust to change quickly and intentionally
  • Gain autonomy


  • Identify and fill skill gaps
  • Measure key people indicators
  • Scenario plan new hires or project teams
  • Eliminate low value work
  • Align work to business goals
  • Have meaningful conversations about career progression and performance
Business leaders

Business leaders

  • Scenario plan restructures
  • Identify cost efficiencies
  • Resource plan at scale
  • Influence change with critical people data
  • Operationalise flexible work at scale
  • Reduce wasted work

Start eliminating wasted effort today

Start eliminating wasted effort today

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About us

Recently Great Place to Work certified, Beamible’s 100% remote team is on a mission to build a happier global workforce by designing work people love.

Resources to thrive

Resources to thrive

Up-skilling is a key part of delivering successful work design. Browse our resources for helpful tools and tips.

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