Manage organizational change strategically and efficiently

Change is the only constant in modern business. Whether it’s the AI revolution, an economic downturn, or the shift to remote and hybrid work models, businesses that don’t adapt quickly to change stand to lose out to the competition.

Beamible’s organizational change management software can help equip your workforce with the skills and tools required for a strategic and efficient approach to change.

With Beamible, a new level of visibility makes organization-wide changes transparent and approachable. See and apply skill utilization information, scenario plan to gain a better understanding of ROI on new structures, or measure the impact of change over time.

Organizational change management software

Navigating Organizational Change: UKG's Journey of Empowerment and Innovation through Beamible

Post-reorganisation, UKG struggled with clarity in work distribution across teams and aligning tasks with individuals' energising work and career aspirations. Here's how Beamible helped with:

  • Revamping Communication and Work Culture
  • Enhanced Employee Engagement
  • AI-Assisted Role Definition


Organizational Visibility

Before you and business leaders can understand the impact that new business strategies will have on an organization, you need to first understand what's already going on! Beamible a new technology that captures what's really happening within your organization so you can make informed decisions and have a smooth transition. Capture the current state of the roles in your organization, and devise future-state roles according to a reimagined organizational structure.

Job Crafting and Role Customization

This change process feature allows employees to express their preferences for different types of work and collaborate with their managers to design roles that are a good fit for them and the business. This can help to improve employee engagement and productivity during organizational change, when employees may be dealing with new and unfamiliar tasks.

Visual and Collaborative Scenario Planning

With Beamible, you can see the potential results of any changes to your organization before they occur. Use this feature to test out new ideas, plan model scenarios, measure their impact, and share the results with decision-makers. An essential tool for project management.

Continuous Learning and Professional Development

Beamible can help the leadership team to facilitate continuous learning and development for their employees during organizational change. For example, Beamible can be used to identify employees' skills gaps which will inform training resources. This can help to ensure that employees have the skills they need to be successful in their roles, and to support the organization's changing needs.

Data and Analytics

Beamible allows employees to maintain dynamic job descriptions and log in the relative time spent on various tasks. Insights gathered from this data allows organizational leaders to make better decisions related to workforce planning and resourcing, people risks, and productivity.

Why do companies need Organizational Change Management Software?

Large enterprise organizations often operate in complex, fast-changing environments that require the effective management of change to stay competitive and efficient.

How can Beamible help?

Strategic work reallocation

Strategic work reallocation

Employee churn is an unavoidable part of large-scale rapid growth. However, the right organizational change management strategies can help mitigate the uncertainty and loss of productivity that comes with employee churn. With Beamible you no longer have to worry about the work that remains when people leave. Spot capacity and skill gaps and strategically reallocate work to individuals and teams best able to manage the work at hand. Beamible allows you to uncover blindspots, get visibility into work, and analyze data for insights. You can look at organizational data for workforce insights, or drill down into problematic teams to better understand the source of risk.

Uncover inefficiencies and broken business processes

Uncover inefficiencies and broken business processes

Beamible helps organizations uncover inefficient and broken processes by capturing the current state of an organization and analyzing it for insights and areas of improvement. By using simple methods such as pulses, Beamible collects important data on work roles, challenges, and risks. The Beamible tool then creates a time-based breakdown of each core activity. These insights can then be shared with the business units to remove inefficiencies and optimize work, roles, and new processes. For instance, our solutions help you to understand whether imparting training to an employee or a team would lead to increased productivity, or understand what impact moving a manager to another team would have. You can also build remote, part-time and contract employee models and see how increasing or decreasing the reliance on each impacts business outcomes.

Aligning employee strengths with job requirements

Aligning employee strengths with job requirements

One of the key challenges of change management is ensuring that employees have the right skills and abilities to meet the new demands of their jobs. Beamible can help HR leaders identify employees' strengths and match them with roles that are a good fit. This can help to improve employee engagement and productivity, and reduce turnover. How would transitioning to a 100% remote work policy impact my business? How would outsourcing key business processes from the US to the Philippines impact bottom lines? What if I wanted to cut costs for my marketing department? What changes to resourcing would I need if we moved to sustainable energy? Get quick insights into the critical processes that matter for your organization's future.

Growth while preventing burnout

Growth while preventing burnout

Growth and change management doesn’t have to mean that your employees are burdened with unsustainable workloads. Beamible’s intelligent work design helps organizations grow while managing time, resources, and workload more efficiently. Gain detailed insights into employee workload and reallocate work to free up employees with unsustainable workloads. Managers can also use Beamible’s prioritization matrix to zero in on tasks that drive the most business value and eliminate tasks that are unimportant. A good EVP, in turn, helps attract and retain the best talent. With Beambile you get critical insights into the structure and functioning of your organization that help you answer questions such as vacancies at each level, age and tenure composition, the number of layers in your organization, etc. The result? Clearly defined EVPs that attract top talent.

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