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Navigating Organizational Change: UKG's Journey of Empowerment and Innovation through Beamible

Navigating Organizational Change: UKG's Journey of Empowerment and Innovation through Beamible
From Victoria:
"I would enthusiastically recommend Beamible to anyone who is motivating a team, organising, project planning, or considering ‘where’s a good place to spend my time?'"


In an era where effective team dynamics are crucial for business success, companies are seeking innovative solutions to understand and optimise workforce management. This case study explores how UKG is utilising Beamible to address these challenges, particularly after a significant reorg.


Victoria explains the problem that UKG was trying to solve when she did a Beamible demo.



Who are UKG Labs?

The UKG Labs Program is a startup ecosystem and virtual laboratory of early-stage companies poised to help transform the HCM landscape, hosted by UKG, a leading provider of HR, payroll, and workforce management solutions for all people.

What was their Problem to Solve?

Post-reorganisation, the company struggled with clarity in work distribution across teams and aligning tasks with individuals’ energising work and career aspirations. Victoria, in her new role, was tasked with navigating this challenge.


Victoria explains what she thought about Beamible during the demo and why she chose Beamible to solve her challenges.


Victoria explains the value she got from Beamible and what it helped her achieve with her innovation team.



The Beamible Solution

Victoria recognised Beamible’s potential during a product demo and decided it aligned perfectly with her vision for the “future of work.” The adoption of Beamible brought to light several immediate issues and outcomes:

  • Identification of Structural Inefficiencies: The platform highlighted an excess in hierarchical layers and a lack of specialisation, resulting in unnecessary meetings and overlapping job roles.
  • Employee-Driven Insights and Adaptation: Beamible offered a comprehensive view of ongoing tasks and allowed team members to tag aspects of their work they found most fulfilling, facilitating strategic realignment.


Victoria describes the impact and value she and her team have experienced as a result of using Beamible.



Key Initiatives and Benefits

With Beamible data, this UKG team experienced a transformative change:

  • Revamping Communication and Work Culture:
    • A significant reduction in redundant meetings, fostering a more productive work environment.
    • Design of specialised roles, ensuring optimal utilisation of individual expertise and a reduction in task redundancy.
  • Enhanced Employee Engagement:
    • Empowerment of team members to be involved in the change process for  their roles, promoting a sense of ownership and accountability.
    • Insights into the nature of energising work, boosting overall motivation and job satisfaction.
  • AI-Assisted Role Definition:
    • The AI functionalities in Beamible played a crucial role in redefining job descriptions, ensuring they were in harmony with team expectations and individual career goals.


The ROI on the team culture was undeniable. 



Cultural ROI

While it’s too early to report on financial ROI, the cultural impact was profound:

  • Unprecedented clarity on roles and responsibilities team-wide.
  • A culture of transparency and collaboration, with discussions that moved the team forward.
  • Significant influence on team culture, surpassing the benefits perceived from a purely financial investment.  


Victoria on why Beamible is ’the anti-survey'



User Experience

Contrary to initial concerns of adding to “survey fatigue,” Victoria’s team welcomed Beamible:

  • Positive Reception: The team appreciated the actionable changes driven by their input, evident in the organisational shifts.
  • Ease of Use: the platform was user-friendly, and the team found the process engaging.


Victoria on what you can do with Beamible that you could never do with Excel.



Strategic Realignments

Beamible’s impact extended to decision-making processes:

  • Validation for team size and structure.
  • Alignment of work with strategic importance, energy levels, and career aspirations, surpassing what was possible with traditional tools like Excel.

Victoria explains what the process and experience was like from both an employee perspective and a leadership team perspective.

Feedback and Future Prospects

Victoria proposed enhancements like a manager dashboard (now available in Beamible!) for a comprehensive overview and to better leverage productivity metrics. She envisioned Beamible becoming integral for regular engagement and a pulse check for team health.

A highlight from the leadership perspective is that in new scenarios for better role and org design could be created and shared.


Victoria answers the big question: ‘Would you recommend Beamible?’ (hint: it’s a resounding ‘yes!’)



​Beamible’s introduction marked a pivotal shift in UKG’s team dynamics, especially during a crucial transitional period. It catalysed meaningful changes, represented by by a new team identity, symbolising the depth of the transformation. 

This case underscores the profound impact innovative solutions like Beamible can have on team operations and synergy in the modern work landscape.



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