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Campari Group: Introducing senior part-time roles & aiming to reduce meeting times by 20%

Campari Group:  Introducing senior part-time roles & aiming to reduce meeting times by 20%
From Natalie:
"It’s exciting to see all the different ways in which Beamible can be used within the business, enabling everyone to work with greater collaboration" and flexibility.

A change in mindset - how Campari is shifting its focus, working towards greater flex for all.

Meet Nat - a successful and experienced Senior Brand Manager at Campari, looking to return to work in a part-time capacity. Here’s how she did it sustainably and effectively, and in a way that enabled her to thrive.


Nat has been a high performing Senior Marketer at Campari for 6 years. After her second child she wanted to return to her full-time role on a part-time basis, but knew it was vital that the role was explicitly redesigned to enable her to meet the needs of the business as well as her own.

Key Challenges

  • Continuing to work with major commercially critical brands without having ‘face time’ every day
  • Getting buy-in and support from all stakeholders
  • Gaining support from her team to help manage her responsibilities
  • Defining expectations from senior leadership
  • Mapping responsibilities of the position to identify the most important work to retain


Nat was the first to use the Beamible platform at Campari - a test to see if it could be rolled out across the business. There was vested interest in making the role redesign work, supporting one of Campari’s key values of ‘together,’ and ensuring Campari was a diverse and inclusive workplace where everyone could thrive. Amidst a global talent war, staying true to values and creating a genuinely flexible workplace is a priority.

Key Insights

Senior leadership quickly saw the value of doing more with less, using Beamible to inform decisions not just in Nat’s focus, but work distribution across the entire marketing team.

The key insights revealed by Beamible and decisions as a result:

  • People were spending up to 5-6 hours a week in internal WIP meetings. The aim is to reduce this by 20% to give everyone time back for higher impact work.
  • There were periods during the year when individual roles were significantly busier than others. By understanding these ‘peaks and troughs,’ decisions can be made about the type and timing of extra resourcing, shifting gears from a reactive response to a proactive plan.
  • Skill and capacity gaps were identified within roles. By gaining greater visibility into each team member’s activities and the time spent on them, managers have a better understanding of the ‘health’ of their team. Having this data helps inform their decision to bring on new hires or additional resources, or give those within their team extra responsibilities.

The long-term impact

Using Beamible enabled Nat to identify how this dynamic, easy-to-use tool can have a significant and long-lasting impact across the wider team.


  • Enables more efficient and effective work practices - is everyone working to the best of their ability? Is their time being used in the best possible way? Are people prioritising the right things?
  • Uncovers workload across teams - are some people at risk of burnout? Do others have capacity gaps?
  • Provides role clarity - what are everyone’s key objectives? Are they in line with the company’s priorities?

As for the initial objective, the success Nat had in redesigning her role through Beamible has promoted a shift in mindset towards part-time/flexible/hybrid work opportunities. It’s been proven how roles CAN be redesigned to work for everyone, not just parents. At a team level, Camparistas are keen to support each other in how they want to work, whilst at a leadership level, role redesign and workload management are becoming part of bigger business discussions.

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