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A sample pilot program package

Every project is as different as the company and people who work with us! But to help get an idea of what you can expect, here is an example of a typical package.

  • 3 months of access to the Beamible platform
  • Mapping of all included roles
  • Onboarding with tag setup, data imports and data organisation
  • Personalised emails or email templates for data capture from your workforce
  • 1x 2-hour workshop to review initial results and adjustment recommendations
  • A capability uplift pack for HR including a conversation guide, webinar for people managers and a role design methodology playbook
  • 10 office hours with Beamible’s dedicated team of experts
  • A dedicated Account Manager for support

Add-ons and bespoke programs are also available. Ask us how we can best reach your goals!

Your investment

A small price to pay for efficiency, visibility and happy people.

Starting price for Beamible's Standard Pilot Program
Pricing for Large-scale Enterprise Beamible Pilot Program
Discounts applied for 3-year commitments

Measure your 'current state'

Get an understanding of the current state of work and the data to inform work adjustments.

  • Are people spending their time on activities aligned to business objectives (or not)?
  • How much time are people spending on administration and meetings?
  • Do people enjoy the work they're doing?
  • Are workloads sustainable? If not, why?

Discover opportunities from insights

Quickly identify opportunities to create efficiencies using Beamible's smart recommendations and insights.

  • PRIORITISATION: View work can be stopped, paused or re-allocated without impacting business outcomes.
  • ENGAGEMENT: Get intel on which role responsibilities energise people (and which do not).
  • RETENTION: Identify workload-based inconsistencies or attrition risks.
  • PRODUCTIVITY: Flag outdated or unnecessarily complex processes.
  • SKILL OPTIMISATION: Map the people with specialist skills to appropriate specialist activities for maximum efficiency.

Scenario plan and make adjustments

Trial different solutions and get buy-in from key stakeholders.

  • Visually plan and evaluate new work design and processes.
  • Reduce, reallocate or stop work identified as low-value or administrative.
  • Build manager 'muscle' to always prioritise work identified as strategically important or energising.
  • Get feedback and approvals from key stakeholders by sharing draft scenarios.

Measure progress and outcomes

Trial different solutions and get buy-in from key stakeholders.

  • Quantify clear outcomes using Beamible insights and data.
  • Measure progress at key milestones throughout the pilot.
  • Adjust and iterate to continue to see improvements over your business transformation journey.


Seamlessly integrate into your existing HR ecosystem

Solve the workforce challenges of today and tomorrow

Simple yet powerful, Beamible uses the principles of strategic work design to help you unlock productivity, flexibility and efficiency at scale. Its learnings can be applied again and again across your organisation to navigate other challenges and pain points.

Capacity is limited, demands are high

Capacity is limited, demands are high

Identify, measure and eliminate low-importance work and prioritise high-value work.

People are leaving, the work remains

People are leaving, the work remains

See capacity and/or skill gaps then reallocate work strategically.

Good talent is scarce, and retention is tough

Good talent is scarce, and retention is tough

Create a compelling EVP with role clarity, flexibility, fulfilment and sustainability.

Flexible work at scale is complicated

Flexible work at scale is complicated

Simplify your approach by applying data-led guidelines and personalisation.

Make roles more efficient and productive

By stopping, delaying, delegating or pausing low value work, your teams can free up capacity to focus on strategically important work.

Get visibility

Get visibility

Make informed decisions

Make informed decisions

Do more with less, without burnout

Do more with less, without burnout

What is work design?

Find out from the experts (us!)

Work design 101

Security you can rely on

Encrypted data

Encrypted data

Sensitive data encrypted at rest
Modern security practices

Modern security practices

Meeting your compliance requirements
Regular Trustwave testing

Regular Trustwave testing

In line with security best practices

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