PRESS RELEASE | SYDNEY, Australia, 31 May, 2023 –  Beamible, the world’s first work design platform, which uniquely solves productivity and workload resourcing challenges in the modern world of work, today announced a 1.85m AUD seed round of funding to scale the Beamible product and expand into the global market. 

With a strong foothold in the Australian market, Beamible has emerged as technology of choice amongst many of the most progressive organisations in the world. 

The round was led by North American-based Storytime Capital,  who aim to fund the highest-quality companies looking to disrupt the workplace technology space, with a belief that the future of work is now. 

“We’re proud to support Beamible during this time of growth and expansion,” said Neil Grunberg, Founder and Managing Partner of Storytime Capital. “With Beamible, we’re writing the story of how companies everywhere simplify their workforce, find efficiencies, and power up their workforces for the next frontier of growth. The current model is broken for companies and their people. We’re betting on Beamible to fix it.”  

Beamible enables teams to do more of the productive, energising work, and reduce the non-value adding work. This has become business critical for organisations as Psychosocial Safety Risk legislation is being introduced.  Beamible pinpoints these safety risks such as role ambiguity, workloads and role conflict, providing proactive and support mechanisms for organisations to mitigate risk. 

Beamible solves these critical issues by using artificial intelligence, integrations, employee insights, and proprietary prioritisation methodology to identify, sise, and cost wasted effort – recommend automation opportunities, and facilitate easy re-allocation of work to where there is capacity and capability to do it best.

In addition to the investment in Beamible, Grunberg will be joining the Beamible Board of Directors, bringing his tenured learnings from the workplace technology industry and to advise on Beamible’s international growth trajectory. 

Beamible and Storytime Capital established its partnership through the UKG Labs program – a startup ecosystem and virtual laboratory of early-stage companies poised to help transform the HCM landscape, hosted by UKG, a leading provider of HR, payroll, and workforce management solutions for all people. 

“Beamible immediately stood out as an innovative player in the market during one of our early-stage startup scans. Sitting at the perfect intersection of team optimisation and work design, the platform is designed to solve for dynamic teams and talent. More importantly, the team at Beamible is building with the same people-centric principles that are core to life-work technology,” said Victoria Cacicedo Ordonez, Head of UKG Labs. “As we explore how to we bring the future of work to our current ways of working, we turned to Beamible to help us craft meaningful and energising work tailored to an individual’s superpowers while aligned with our business objectives.”

Australian VC, Black Sheep Capital, also joined the round.   “After first meeting the Beamible team last year, we have been so impressed by founders Steph and Vic’s leadership. They have built an amazing team and world class tech platform, all while maintaining a tight focus on the business’s unit economics and expanding their global footprint”, said Dan Gavel, Director of Black Sheep Capital.

Beamible exists to enable employees to be happy and fulfilled, support managers with tools to succeed against their goals, and equip leaders with the information they need to get the most for and from their people. The focus is on what people do best, work they love, and how they can create the most business value. 

“We began building Beamible in 2020 when we saw how the structured, homogenous way companies work didn’t allow them to adapt, to be nimble,” said Victoria Stuart, Co-CEO and Co-Founder, Beamible. “Steph and I saw this firsthand and built Beamible to be the world’s first work design platform: to increase productivity for companies and reduce burnout for employees.”

“People aren’t boxes on org charts with static work responsibilities,” continued Stuart. “By breaking work down to its component parts, then categorising it, we can reorganise and quickly cover gaps, provide unique career paths, and reduce wasted effort dramatically.” 

Simply stated, Beamible aims to empower organisations to keep pace with the change they experience weekly and keep pace with the dynamic needs of their talent. The company connects strategic priorities and metrics to the work people actually do - to close the productivity gap - consistently achieving between 13-41% productivity lifts for teams using it. Beamible is seeing its best results with sales, engineering, and HR teams and has also received large demand from the healthcare sector and other stand-up workforces.

“This marks the end of the ‘balance of power’ conversation,” said Stephanie Reuss, Co-CEO and Co-Founder, Beamible, “Employee and Employer interests are aligned when people can systematically prioritise specialist skills and eliminate or reallocate work that can be completed by less senior (and often less expensive) employees. We see productivity metrics improve within weeks, with increased focus on goal-aligned work; and workloads becoming more sustainable at the same time. The inefficiencies and overhead created by static job descriptions and too much internal work are a handbrake on growth. They need an unlock.” 

Reuss continued: “As the world’s first work design platform, Beamible’s potential to change the trajectory of productivity, rethink how we can get work done differently is a game changer! Enabling people to focus on ‘energising’ work which is also aligned to business goals is such a simple but powerful idea. Doing this at scale in a way that empowers employees, and drives focus and unity, is the real magic of what Beamible does.” 

This investment will see Beamible launch into the US, with newly hired Senior Vice President, Scott Simpson, heading up International Markets. Simpson joins Beamible having formerly served as Head of New Business for multiple regions at Google; and SVP of Pharmaceutical Programs at Blink Health, donning an impressive track-record of scaling businesses to $3bn in revenue - the future looks bright for Beamible.    

Grunberg concluded: “With Storytime’s rich experience in the HR technology realm and having participated in, led or advised other workplace technology platforms scale growth, we see tremendous potential in Beamible to be a true difference maker and look toward a bright future alongside them.”

About Beamible

Beamible was built to transform the way we work. To power a happier, more productive global workforce, one organisation at a time. The world-first SaaS platform applies Beamible’s proprietary work design IP to break down work and rebuild it more efficiently and sustainably. But why? Mostly because they care about people, but also because large-scale organisations need to find more productive resourcing models which engage their people. Beamible is the ultimate solution for business leaders facing challenges in the modern world of work.

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