Reduce workloads and burnout risk

Beamible empowers organizations to master the art of balancing workloads efficiently, ensuring that everyone from leaders to frontline staff can thrive. Our innovative platform is designed to identify wasted effort and promote a healthier work culture by allowing for clear visibility and smarter distribution of tasks.

By optimizing how work is assigned and managed, Beamible helps prevent employee burnout, fostering a more engaged and productive workforce. Experience the transformative power of a well-balanced workplace with Beamible—where efficiency and employee well-being go hand in hand.

Reduce workloads

Empower Your Team with Beamible’s Psychological Safety Solutions

Mitigate Role Overload

Beamible helps managers understand current work demands, allowing them to design roles efficiently and distribute work fairly amongst individuals. By optimizing workload, Beamible safeguards employees from role overload and focuses on their well-being.

Enhance Job Control

Job control is essential for psychosocial safety. Beamible empowers individuals to map out their roles, fostering open discussions with managers. This level of transparency allows employees to take the lead in their work, enhancing performance.

Alleviate Role Conflict and Ambiguity

While most project management software concentrates on task allocation, Beamible excels in focusing on an individual’s ongoing role within a team or project. It integrates seamlessly with your existing project management software and boosts employee performance by aligning their goals with the team's objectives.

Prevent Burnout and Support Emotional Demand

Beamible provides insights into working hours, skills and activities, allowing leaders to reallocate tasks efficiently. By regularly using Beamible, especially for individuals at risk of burnout, managers can ensure that employees are working on the right activities. Furthermore, it plays a role in mapping the emotional demands, especially in client-facing roles, ensuring the psychosocial safety of employees.

"I was a little bit surprised at just how much time I was spending scheduling meetings on my calendar and going through administrative emails."

Matt Heine

Managing Director, Netwealth


Reduction in weekly work hours

Reduce workloads while driving efficiency with Beamible

Reduce workloads while driving efficiency with Beamible

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