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Business leaders are tasked with solving people problems across a workforce like how to increase productivity and improve engagement scores, amongst many other things. But how can you solve these challenges if you don’t have visibility by way of workforce data into what your people are actually doing?

Beamible provides business leaders with unmatched visibility into many aspects of their workforce - in one place! Understand people data to help make better resourcing decisions like filling capacity gaps or hiring. Get actionable insights about productivity and engagement to meet business goals. See what is actually going on within your organization for the first time. With Beamible, analyzing workforce data is simple, efficient, and effective.

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Fitness Passport: From 'gut feel' to data-led hiring strategy

Fiona Rose, CEO of high growth wellness company Fitness Passport, heard from her GMs that they needed more resources - they were at capacity and needed more people. But being a PE owned organisation, it was hard to assess the case for more resources: what would be the ROI on each new hire? Fiona needed to find a way to:

  • Assess whether they really needed new hires or if she could simply reprioritise the tasks of current employees
  • Identify gaps in the current workforce to shape new roles
  • Support these insights with data to present to her board for approval


Standardized productivity metrics

87% of employees believe that they are productive, while only 12% of CEOs agree. That’s a massive gap! Beamible provides objective visibility into what work and what proportion of a role is attributed to a company’s strategic goals. That data rolls up to a team level, providing insights into how productive each team is, and again to an organizational level, informing productivity - as well as affiliated costs - for your entire company.

Engagement data beyond survey results

Employee engagement surveys simply aren’t enough. They only highlight generalized areas of concern and data trends. Beamible enables HR leaders to pinpoint risks and concerns down to the team and individual levels, and do so on an ongoing basis. There’s no need to wait for that annual employee engagement survey to take action (it’ll probably be too late, let’s be honest). Don’t settle for ‘moment in time’ data on your workforce, get critical workforce analytics in real time, any time. Get the full employee engagement picture with Beamible.

Reduce critical risks and make data more meaningful

If your workforce isn’t focused on the right work, performance and productivity suffer. And if you can’t identify whether your people are actually focused on the right work, you can’t do much at all (except guess, perhaps?) At Beamible, we see high attrition costs leading to high talent attraction costs, a result of unsustainable workloads, job ambiguity or lack of connection to purpose. If we don’t have visibility into the jobs people are doing, we can’t make improvements and any data that we do have is irrelevant. Beamible allows HR leaders to get the visibility needed to make data more meaningful.

Stop wasting time in Excel

Imagine a world where you could stop doing your analysis manually in Excel. Or having a way to visually do activity analysis, workload analysis or productivity analysis visually… with one click of a button… in seconds. What if you could identify risks and opportunities using current data, from one single source. That’s what Beamible can do for you.

Analysis down to activity level

Analyzing data typically begins with a goal. A reason to measure. With a goal in mind. Whether you need a quick analysis organization-wide on the cost of meetings, or a deep dive into why Joe Bloggs’ performance has slipped, Beamible has the answers. By applying category tags to individual work activities on a role level, we can begin to understand what makes up a role beyond just the job description. What work is energizing? What work is aligned to strategic goals? What work is administrative?

Quick start with integrations

Beamible easily integrates with your existing HRIS and ticketing systems to give you easy, unified access to different datasets residing in different systems within your organization. We work with a wide range of HRIS and ticketing systems, and can also build custom solutions with our API.

How can Beamible help?

Align your workforce with your business goals

Align your workforce with your business goals

Most companies get an ‘understanding’ of productivity and business goal alignment by micromanaging or monitoring things like time online. Beamible shows at any point in time how much work is dedicated to business goals - in cost (how much salary is attributed to this category of work) and in hours (how many hours are people spending on this category of work). Beamible can also show progress over time, or apply productivity metrics against benchmarks.

Improve employee productivity

Improve employee productivity

Lack of role clarity can result in employees having to work overtime, hours spent in low-value meetings, and wasted resources. By setting role expectations through dynamic job descriptions within Beamible, you increase productivity and reduce the risk of burnout.

Improved employee engagement and wellness

Improved employee engagement and wellness

Beamible’s workforce suite provides business and HR leaders with the metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) they need to measure employee engagement and wellness across roles, teams, and geographies.

Be ready for change

Be ready for change

Change is inevitable in any business. Thanks to workforce data and analytics, you don’t need to be afraid of it. When an employee leaves, wants to work remotely, or takes a leave of absence, redeploy unfulfilled activities quickly, easily, and with visibility into the implications it will have on capacity, performance, and outcomes.

Get data driven insights into your workforce with the best HR analytics software available today.

Get data driven insights into your workforce with the best HR analytics software available today.

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