What makes your business a great place to work? Developing your Employee Value Proposition.

If you want to attract the best people to your organisation ⁠— and keep them ⁠— you need a stellar EVP. Here’s how to create one.
By Beamible Team
What makes your business a great place to work? Developing your Employee Value Proposition. What makes your business a great place to work? Developing your Employee Value Proposition.
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If you want to attract the best people to your organisation ⁠— and keep them ⁠— you need a stellar EVP.

Since Beam started, we’ve had thousands of conversation with talent. When they ask about our Beam employers, their main question is always the same: Why would this be a great business to join?

When you post a role, this is a key opportunity to showcase your company and its brand to potential employees and a wider audience.

We want to help you tell your company’s story as effectively as possible — so we’ve put together some practical advice for building out your Employee Value Proposition.

Why an EVP

With 71% of Australian CEOs identifying a lack of key skills as a threat to their business growth, standing out as a business has never been more vital.

An EVP gives you a competitive advantage in attracting (and retaining) talent for your business.

Engagement with your brand starts from the moment a prospective employee reads your job ad. If this process is managed thoughtfully then, regardless of whether they get the role, you have the opportunity to win over another brand advocate to sing your praises.

At Beam, we work with lots of smart, innovative businesses that are thinking differently about the future of work. They are making the move away from all roles being full-time and instead looking at fractional work — fractions of a role or fractions of a working week.

As a result, they are opening up their businesses to an incredible pool of talent not on the everyday market — experienced part-time talent. This is becoming a big part of their EVP and judging by the calibre of talent they are bringing into their businesses, it’s clearly working.

Developing your EVP

Anything that makes your business a great place to work forms part of your EVP. Simple! With Beam’s EVP Wheel, we’ve pulled together a few ideas to get you started — this is designed to get you thinking about your business as a whole and against your competitors.

Tip: If you get stuck, try chatting with 3 people in the organisation about why they like working there.

Employee Value Proposition chart

Once you feel like you’re getting a handle on what your EVP features are, for each one of them, ask yourself these two questions:

  • 1. Is it genuine? You have to be able to deliver on what you say. The stress test is talking to current employees to find out what they would say about your business. If it does not line up with what you have on paper then it’s time to re-evaluate.
  • 2. Does it make you unique? Your EVP is made up of lots of different components, many of which will exist in other organisations. You need to find the one or two things that make you, well, you. These are the features and values that you should really be highlighting (and nurturing).

How to bring your EVP to life

Your EVP should be felt by potential and existing employees at every single interaction with your business. If what you say is genuine, you can’t help but feel it — your business will literally exude it.

Here are some ways you can ensure potential employees start to understand what you’re about — at every stage of the job process:

Job application stage

Let the job ad tell the story

Make sure you take the time to include some of the key components of your EVP in your job ad. You can write it as a separate section or simply thread it throughout the whole ad.

For example. We’re looking for someone who has genuine integrity and compassion — our two core values — and one of the key reasons all our clients are extremely loyal, the shortest tenure being 6 years (and going strong).

Asking current employees to write a couple of sentences about why it’s great to work at your business can also be very powerful and nice and easy to include at the end of your ad, just before asking someone to apply.

And don’t be afraid to ask someone in marketing or brand to work on this with you — they can make words sing!

Bring it to life with video

At Beam, we find that videos are a fantastic way to bring a company’s EVP to life and show off the work environment.

And the good news? Casual is better — the Hiring Manager or someone from the team having a chat in to a video phone is often far more compelling than a corporate video (we can include that too if you have one!).

This video can be included as in your job ad, shared on social media and of course on your website. (Bonus: our Beamers engage very strongly with videos on social media — which increases the audience size for your job ad and company.)

Interview stage

The way you treat applicants says a lot about your company, your EVP and the way you treat your people.

As with many things in life, communication is key. This can be as simple as keeping talent in the loop on your process — and interview times (especially if there are delays). It’s also important to let someone know when they haven’t made the shortlist — and a quick call when someone has just missed out is the chance to make a believer for life!

Remember they are all brand advocates (or dare we say detractors) in the making. And people share stories. Be direct and honest, even if it is not good news.

If you do want to make an offer to someone, then being prepared to act is also important — otherwise your competitors might just sneak in before you. This all feeds in to your EVP as it shows you value someone’s time, understand the importance of securing top talent, can make decisions quickly and are a smart operator.


Have an onboarding doc/welcome pack that talks to your EVP and all the great things on offer.

It’s an exciting time.

And forever and beyond

Remember, if your EVP is genuine then it should naturally filter through everything that you do — just keep checking in that it is still relevant and as strong as it can be.

There are always new things happening that might just be your point of difference. Don’t just set and forget with an EVP! Also a Beam employer of choice, we want to keep telling your story — so if you have something to share with our community, email us!

And if it is scoping roles for part-time then we could not be happier and would love to hear about your experiences with the talent we meet — they are smart, driven, productive and agile. And if you are not sure where to start with part-time, but know it’s important, then we’d love to help!

Beamible Team
Beamible Team

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